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Fantastic stories in the Bicentennial of Independence

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Websites that advertise literature contests of all kinds there are enough in the network and so I do not reproduce that information here, however, browsing, I found one that caught my attention because of its theme although it is clear that it is not a contest on the plain meaning of the word. It is an initiative that seeks to compile fantastic stories in the framework of the bicentennial or the 200 years of the independence of Latin America (1810 to 1824 and 1898 for Cuba and Puerto Rico).

The activity is organized by the Colombian Juan Ignacio Muñoz Zapata, postdoctoral student of Comparative Literature at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, with the intention of developing a project within this course. The intention is that the authors respond in their own way in stories of 500 to 7500 words in Word format this question: can you think the story differently?

The stories must be inspired by historical events (battles, proclamations of independence, insurrections, etc.), in characters, in historical archives, among others; and propose a fantastic or speculative treatment (alternative stories, time travel, temporal paradoxes, steampunk stories , perverted utopias are dystopias, spirits, witches, conspiracy theories, mystical epics, extraterrestrials, legends, horror, Latin American mythology, etc.) . Additionally, the stories can be accompanied by other elements such as covers, cartoons, audio files, photographs and others.

With the stories received, it is planned to publish a collection of four digital books in 2010, with the first published in January of that year and the following ones in four-month intervals. The authors will receive a free copy of the volume where their story is included. The e-books will obviously be available on the Internet and each volume will have a symbolic price of US $ 2 or less, where 55% of the proceeds will be used to finance paper printing and the rest will cover maintenance costs of the site and legal procedures.

In the print edition, which is planned to be published in 2011, the best stories published in digital volumes will be included, chosen by criteria such as originality, quality of expression, and comments from critics and readers. If the case of lack of space were presented, a second form would be published in 2012. The authors whose stories are chosen will receive a copy of it free of charge by mail.

As the organizer declares, it is about compilations of free collaborations for an event of great importance and importance. At no time will any monetary contribution be required from the authors, and in the same way, any gain from the sale of the virtual volumes and the book or printed books will be used in principle to self-finance the project and its continuation during the following years.

On the other hand, the material will be presented to universities and study centers in North America and Europe, which, according to the organizer, represents a good opportunity for the selected authors to be known by academic critics, translators, researchers, among others.

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